Placement of an expert in the related knowledge domains is featured to offer a knowledge platform for ‘tacit-to-tacit’ communication. It also features the provision of podcast, webcast and webinar facilities to discover the treasures of u-Pustaka through the experts and special guests.
About Webinar
How to join the Webinar
1. Register as a u-Member.
2. Login to portal.
3. Visit our Chat with your expert link.
4. Click on one of the webinar in the Upcoming Webinar list.
5. You will see Register me to this event on the right side.
6. A pop-up message appear, click on "Yes" to register or click "No" to abort.
Webinar Preparation
All u-Pustaka webinars are conducted using the Connect Pro services. The audio component of each webinar may vary from program to program as noted below. Before the webinar, please confirm that your computer will support your use of Connect Pro for the program.
Please visit to check your computer and network connections are properly configured to provide you with the best possible Connect Pro meeting experience.
The diagnostic test checks for the following:
1. Supported version of Flash Player
2. Clear connection to Adobe Connect Pro
3. Bandwidth availability
4. Latest Acrobat Connect Add-in