We would like to receive photos and text to show a wide range of our u-Pustaka members being engaged in library activities like reading, using the u-Pustaka portal at the library, at work or at home. We would also be happy to receive photos of you, your family and friends with a message to say what you love about the u-Pustaka activities. We look forward to hearing from you.
How to take part in Citizens' VOICE?

By submitting a photo, you agree to accept our conditions. Please email your digital image to us (maximum file size 1Mb), making sure that you include the following details in your email:

1. Your name
2. Contact phone number(s)
3. First names of people who appear in the photograph (if more than one, please locate them e.g. "from L to R")
4. Briefly describe the library activity they are engaged in, or what they love about the library
Photo Guidelines
1. Where possible, you show the subject engaged in a library activity, but this is not essential as long as the photograph is interesting and well-composed.
2. Your image should be of a good quality, in colour, and in focus.
3. File size needs to be less than 1Mb.
Terms and Condition

u-Pustaka Portal reserves the right to refuse any image, or choose not to publish it.

By submitting a photograph you agree that:

1. The individual(s) featured in the photo use u-Pustaka services.
2. You are responsible to get the consent of individual(s) in the photo before submission for any u-Pustaka usage.
3. Other than to remove images on request, u-pustaka will hold no responsibilities for any submissions that does not meet the above conditions.
4. u-Pustaka Portal would have the rights over the submitted photographs.
5. u-Pustaka Portal may crop or edit your photo as required.