The u-Pustaka Portal provides u-Pustaka Members with efficient, integrated, seamless, “anytime, anywhere" access to content and services in two languages viz Bahasa Melayu and English.
The u-Pustaka Portal fosters an engaging lifelong learning experience for all u-Pustaka members and On-line Members through the provision of web publishing, collaboration, content management and inter-lending services components.
Overview of u-Pustaka
Web Publishing Components
This component of the u-Pustaka Portal includes a whole gamut of background information, media releases, speeches, information and policies, fact sheets, statistics, top best sellers, links, RSS, electronic resources and the like, to bring knowledge to life from the u-Pustaka Consortium.
U-Pustaka Portal is a convergence of content on events, activities, and news that could be shared by the Consortium Libraries; statistics on registration of u-Members and Internet connection by u-Pustaka members; specially identified links to Government Publications, Public Service Directories, World Libraries and Library Cooperations, Malaysian Libraries, Professional Associations, Ministries and Government Agencies in Malaysia, State Government and Agencies, Local Contents, and Online TV and Radio Channels. Mashup features are also incorporated to convey data, services and ideas.
Content Management Components
The Content Management components of the u-Pustaka Portal contains information created or selected specifically for u-Pustaka Members in the form of e-Reviews, Dashboard for three segments of membership, e-Resources, and Audio Books.
e-Review provides efficient information sharing and reliable access to original documents that could enable faster decision making on the choice of books to be read and also for keeping all u-Pustaka members updated on the availability of information resources in the Consortium Libraries. This is also a form of interacting with readers who are empowered to provide their own reviews upon reading the reviewed information resources by the librarians from the u-Pustaka Consortium. In this connection book reviews offer useful insights on library collections that could be shared with Communities of Interest amongst u-Pustaka members, who could be actively engaged with the services of the u-Pustaka Consortium.
The Dashboard delivers a comprehensive approach for managing u-Pustaka member information with a fully integrated suite of information which would provide the touch points with the profiled members to be further engaged with the u-Pustaka services offered by the u-Pustaka Consortium.
Children's Dashboard:
Youth Dashboard:
Adult Dashboard:
e-Resources bring about a combination of online resources such as e-books, e-journals, e-brochures and animated oral history.
Audio-books offer books in audio format that could be accessed by all u-Pustaka members and On-line Members.
Collaboration Components
The Collaboration Components offer a platform for social networking, knowledge exploration, knowledge sharing and knowledge exchange for the learning communities in all walks of life to converge at u-Pustaka Portal as a knowledge hub for collaboration, through Chat with Your Expert, Discussion Forum and explore possibilities for knowledge discovery through Ask u-Pustaka.
Ask u-Pustaka is the “Help Desk” of u-Pustaka that is managed by the seven Consortium Libraries, with the provision of information literacy, reference and research advisory service to all u-Pustaka members.
Chat with Your Expert provides online talks, meetings, interviews and seminars, featuring experts in specific knowledge domains as well as special guests who would be invited from time to time by the u-Pustaka Consortium. u-Pustaka members can log on to listen, view slides as well as chat with the experts.
Discussion Forum offers a platform to attract u-Pustaka members and various Communities of Interest to be engaged in online discussions in Business, Economics, Science and Technology.
Services Components
u-Pustaka Inter-lending Service:
The u-Pustaka inter-lending service provides information access with seamless connection to the National Union Catalogue (KIK) and the existing Library Management Systems (LMS) in the seven libraries. The Inter-lending request, via the u-Pustaka Portal has the capability to be linked to the delivery service gateway of Pos Laju and the cashless payment gateway of MEPS and Touch ‘n Go for the purpose of borrowing, returning, reservation and renewal of physical resources anytime, anywhere.
Search Scenario:
The u-Pustaka Portal enables u-Pustaka members to perform search navigation which would seamlessly unlock the knowledge resources via Title, Author, Subject, ISBN/ISSN, Publisher, Year of Publication, and Keyword search functionality. The search results allow the u-Pustaka members to select the physical resources from the u-Pustaka Consortium on the availability of their holdings.
Borrowing Scenario:
The u-Pustaka Portal provides the following features for the borrowing scenario:
Selection of physical resources from the available collection in the u-Pustaka Consortium and the provision to ‘book’ the item.
Cost of delivery via Pos Laju services
Selection of e-payment method, viz. MEPS FPX and Quik2Go through u-Pustaka Portal for delivery service and overdue fines; MEPS e-Debit and Touch ‘n Go for overdue fines or fines for lost of loaned items at counter stations or multipurpose kiosk.
Alerts on Overdue Fines that need to be paid before proceeding with the next borrowing process.
Online updates on the circulation status of every inter-lending transaction.
Request for reservation in the event that the requested item is already circulated in all Consortium Libraries.
Returning Scenario at the u-Pustaka Book Drop Station includes the following:
Return of borrowed items at any Book Drop station.
Ability to check item status (availability, location, fines if (any))
Returning Scenario from Home:
Return any borrowed items via the u-Pustaka Portal from home.
Pay fines through e-Payment of MEPS FPX or Quik2Go.
Returning Scenario at Consortium Libraries:
Return any borrowed items at Consortium Library counter stations or book drop stations.
Ability to check item status (availability, location, fines (if any))
Renewal Scenario, Anytime, Anywhere:
Renew any borrowed items via u-Pustaka Portal anytime, anywhere in relation to the u-Pustaka Inter-Lending Policy.
Ability to check item status.
Reservation Scenario, Anytime, Anywhere:
Reservation on any item via u-Pustaka Portal anytime, anywhere in relation to the u-Pustaka Inter-Lending Policy.
RFID Enabled Equipment:
RFID enabled equipment are installed at the Consortium Libraries and strategic locations to support borrowing, payment and returning. u-Pustaka members can also visit the 7 Consortium Libraries and borrow books through the RFID Counter Stations or multipurpose kiosks. Books can be returned through RFID enabled bookdrops. Gantry or gantry-less entrance are placed at all Consortium Libraries for the purpose of surveillance.