Inter-lending is a service that is extended by Consortium libraries to u-Pustaka members who can borrow books in the lending collection.
Inter-lending takes the form of the following operations:
- Consortium Libraries fulfil the request of u-Pustaka members by checking out the item at the Consortium Libraries or via delivery service by Pos Malaysia Berhad.
- Consortium Libraries accept the returned items at any of the bookdrops locations and from which, Pos Malaysia Berhad will be alerted for the return of the items to the owning libraries.
1. Responsibility of u-Pustaka members
u-Pustaka members are responsible for the items borrowed with their u-Pustaka member ID.
2. Borrowing
2.1 Each u-Pustaka member is entitled to borrow a maximum of THREE (3) items from the lending/open shelf collection of any of the 8 libraries in the u-Pustaka Consortium for a period of 30 days.
2.2 Request for renewal or reservation is free.
3. Renewal
3.1 Online renewal of items is allowable ONCE (1) for an additional period of 30 days with the provision that the item is not overdue and that there are no reservations on the title.
3.2 Renewal of items is allowed if there are no unpaid fines in your account.
4. Returning
4.1 Items can be returned at any of the bookdrop locations at Consortium Libraries and other bookdrop locations at KL Sentral, Jelebu Branch Public Library , Hulu Langat District Library in Bangi and Jaya Jusco Keramat.
4.2 Items can also be returned at any Counter Stations of the u-Pustaka Consortium.
5. Reservation
5.1 Reservation is allowable on a item title, with the provision that all copies of the specified title have been circulated.
6. Fines
6.1 Fines for Overdue Items
  Fines for overdue items shall be levied at RM1.00 for the first day and 10 cents for each subsequent day, whilst the maximum fines shall be levied at RM 20.00 for every item.
6.2 Payment for Lost of Borrowed Items
  Cost for any lost item will include the price of the item plus processing fee at the rate of RM20.00 plus overdue fines (if any).
  All borrowed items are bound by Copyright Act.
Delivery Of Items Direct To The Door Step
u-Pustaka members can request for the books to be delivered by Pos Malaysia Berhad and charges will be borne by u-Pustaka members.
Two types of delivery services that are offered include the following:
2.1 Parcel service:
- Next day collection service upon receiving collection request before 12 noon.
- Delivery service only applicable IN MALAYSIA.
- Charges for 1-way Parcel:
a. Within West Malaysia (RM 4)
b. Within East Malaysia (RM 4)
c. Between West & East Malaysia (RM 11)
- Charges for 2-way Parcel:
a. Within West Malaysia (RM 7)
b. Within East Malaysia (RM 7)
c. Between West & East Malaysia (RM 19)
2.2 Courier service:
- Same Day Delivery (SDD)
a. Same day collection and delivery that operates in Klang Valley only, upon receiving collection request before 10am.
- Next Day Delivery (NDD)
a. Next day delivery service operates within Pos Laju coverage area, and additional of one or two days are required for delivery outside Pos Laju coverage area.
b. Click here for tariff information.
c. Click here for delivery schedule.
Cashless payment services are available via online or at counter stations and multipurpose kiosks.
This service is divided into four payment methods:
Online payment:
1.1 MEPS FPX ( more )
1.2 Quik2Go ( more )
Electronic payment at counter stations and multipurpose kiosks:
2.1 MEPS e-Debit (more)
2.2 Touch n' Go (more)
This is the government SMS gateway to deliver government services to the public in an easy and simple method via SMS number 15888.
SMS services for u-Pustaka members:
1.1 Notification from u-Pustaka portal to u-Pustaka members.
- To receive SMS notification from u-Pustaka Portal, the u-Pustaka member is required to register his/her mobile phone number and subscribe to the desired notifications at the member profile page
- Subscriptions offered:
a. Announcements
b. Due dates for return of items
c. Status of Booking
d. Expected item collection time from PMB
e. Notification to member on delivery information
f. Reminder on overdue items
g. Reservation alert
- SMS notification is chargeable at the rate of RM 0.20 per SMS received.
1.2 Information On Demand (IOD)
- Information upon request by u-Pustaka members
- Services offered:
a. Query of fines amount : ULIB FINES [u-Pustaka Member No.]
b. Query of due dates on items borrowed : ULIB DUEDATE [u-Pustaka Member No.]
- Charges:
a. RM0.15 for each request
b. RM0.20 for each response