The red curved line reflects broadband which is coordinated with the word 'Pustaka' to form a 'U' character which carries the meaning of 'u-Pustaka';
The top 'crown' is a combination of 14 book pages which represents the number of states in Malaysia and the diversity of knowledge heritage. The combination of the 'crown' and the word 'PUSTAKA' reflects the 'knowledge tree' concept in the spirit of strategic alliance. The term 'PUSTAKA' is used to highlight the identity of u-Pustaka globally;
The square box symbolises the strength of u-Pustaka services;
The red colour that embellishes the word 'PUSTAKA' expresses the steadfastness of the services;
Combination of blue and green colours symbolise equality, user friendliness and its support towards green technology initiatives;
The Malaysian flag known as 'Jalur Gemilang', symbolises the aspiration of 1Malaysia spirit which is supported by u-Pustaka in its effort to nurture an inclusive knowledge society.