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The UPSI Digital Repository contains the full text publications, like journal articles, conference papers, research reports and dissertations from staff and higher degree students of the university. The full text of publications is made freely available where possible.



This site was developed in 1999 to provide information to the public who have the interest and curiosity to know about the Malay Culture, which relates to betel nut and betel leaves. This site contains 1,835 images in all aspects related to betel nut/betel leaves. The content has been categorized under 28 headings matters, including a preface, the origins, Uses, Folklore, Betel, Betel trellis, Lime, Gobek and so on.

DATE PUBLISHED: 23-02-2017


Malay manuscripts are works written by hand and mostly in Jawi. This site contains all important information about the Malay Manuscripts as a Malay heritage including the writings of the Malay Manuscripts, the materials or stationery being used in writing the Malay Manuscripts, the writing styles, decoration in malay Manuscripts, the binding technique of the Malay Manuscripts and also the conservation technique for preserving the malay manuscripts.

DATE PUBLISHED: 23-02-2017


This site was developed in 2001. Information and achievements featured in this website are based on the facts that have been ascertained from various sources, eg: 'Today in History' (National Archive of Malaysia), The Malaysian Book of Records, 'Records of the World in Malaysia' and also from several other publications It elaborates on the success achieved by Malaysians and Malaysia in various fields such as education, language and literature, politics, sports and others who have noted the glorious history of the country.

DATE PUBLISHED: 23-02-2017

15. provides a comprehensive knowledge resources and information on Kedah state.

DATE PUBLISHED: 23-02-2017


Sarawakiana Art Collection Online portal is the digital representative of Sarawak State Library’s visual art collections. The collection feature artworks either by local artists or about Sarawak, is a resource for researchers, art aficionados and enthusiasts alike.

DATE PUBLISHED: 23-02-2017


Image Sarawak provides a search engine to ease your search to images, photographs, paintings and also other visual art resources in respect of Sarawak.

DATE PUBLISHED: 23-02-2017


The Sarawak State Bibliography lists materials which were published in Sarawak and deposited at Pustaka Negeri Sarawak in accordance with the provisions stipulated under the Sarawak State Library Ordinance, 1999. In addition to the lists of publications published in Sarawak which were deposited to Pustaka Negeri Sarawak, this bibliography also includes list of website addresses of electronic resources from in and outside Sarawak on Sarawak. This bibliography also includes list of Sarawak publishers and writers who have deposited to the State Depository.

DATE PUBLISHED: 23-02-2017


E-newspaper collection is a collection of full-text Local and National newspaper articles drawn from a variety of sources including the Borneo Post, Utusan Sarawak, Sarawak Tribune, Malaysia Kini, Berita Harian, The Star and New Straits Times subject to issue related to Sarawak. Use a search engine as provided in the portal for searching your desired newspaper articles.

DATE PUBLISHED: 23-02-2017


Electronic Sarawak Gazette is the first project from ICC group White Hornbill from Pustaka Negeri Sarawak. This system was created to ease access to digitized Sarawak Gazettes.

DATE PUBLISHED: 23-02-2017

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