1. How many types of delivery services are being offered?
  There are two types of delivery services:
1. Parcel
2. Courier
2. What is the difference between Parcel and Courier delivery service?
Parcel is based on a fixed rate for a one way and two way delivery service while Courier is based on the weight of the items that are to be delivered to the door step.
3. What is SDD service?
Same day collection and delivery that operates in Klang Valley only, upon receiving collection request before 10am.
4. How much is the cost for SDD?
5. I am a registered u-Library member and currently in Brunei. Can I request for a delivery to Brunei address?
Sorry, currently we do not support international deliveries.
6. I live in Kapit. How long does it take for Parcel deliveries to reach here from Pustaka Negeri Sarawak?
You will receive your item within 7 days of delivery.