The ubiquitous availability of knowledge is crucial to the development of a nation. The role of the ubiquitous library in the context of development, national unity as well as global competitiveness is vital for any nation today.
In transforming Malaysia into an inclusive knowledge society, unlocking knowledge resources using innovative information delivery service could foster an engaging lifelong learning experience anytime, anywhere for continued enhancement to quality of work and life.
Being in an era of knowledge economy is great news for research and scholarship and will give unparalleled access to our vast collections to anyone, anytime and anywhere.
u-Pustaka is an innovation that manifests a collaborative synergy from the Ministry of Information Communications and Culture (KPKK) through Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), with the support of the National Library of Malaysia (PNM) and the following u-Pustaka Consortium members:
u-Pustaka is realised through the innovative collaboration from the following agencies: