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u-Pustaka Service Interruption: Maintenance on u-Pustaka System @ Data Centre (DR Drill - Fail Over)

Published on : 17-5-2018
Uploaded by : u-Pustaka

Dear Valued u-Pustaka Members,

Please take note that the u-Pustaka Portal and its services will be interrupted for 3 days starting from 22nd to 24thMay 2018 (Tuesday to Thursday - throughout the day), due to the u-Pustaka system maintenance work at the Data Center.

All related u-Pustaka services such as book reservations, online lending, access to online databases, e-payment transactions, integration with the e-banking system and Pos Laju system will not be functioning / will be interrupted during this period. u-Pustaka services will back to normal on the 25th May 2018.

Therefore, in preparation for facing this disruption and to avoid any complications that may arise from the system interference, we would like to request from all u-Pustaka members, not to make any book reservation online starting from the date of May 15, 2018, until the 24th of May 2018. For your information, the library consortium of u-Pustaka will not reply or give any feedback, or make any endorsement to any book reservation from all u-Pustaka members starting from the date, 15th of May 2018 (a week before the disruption of the system) until the date of May 24, 2017.

We regret for any convenience caused.

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